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Jan 17 2023

Texas A&M School of Medicine Erases White Males

Marginalizing America’s core population is not the ultimate objective. To actualize the liberal conception of utopia, those of European ancestry must be erased. This is already underway in academia:

The Texas A&M School of Medicine bragged that removing photos of white male alumni was an example of its institutional commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, new documents reveal.

Good thing liberals can erase white males without erasing their accomplishments, or people of all skin tones would be lying cold, hungry, and sick in the dark.

The institution included the response in a survey it completed for the Association of American Medical Colleges last year, which the organization used for its Diversity, Inclusion, Culture, and Equity Inventory. The school’s survey responses were obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request by the medical watchdog group Do No Harm and shared with the Washington Examiner.

The accomplishments referred to above will be scaled back if the medical profession continues to succumb to moonbattery. The University of Minnesota Medical School already places the practices of witch doctors on a par with advanced medicine.

In response to a question that asked schools if they had modified branding and communications displays to eliminate aspects that could be “perceived as noninclusive,” the Texas A&M School of Medicine said it removed “the predominantly white male photos of [the] graduating class prominently displayed on the entrance” to the school.

Other avowed DEI efforts at Texas A&M include discriminating against white males in admissions and salaries. Where liberals dominate, as they do in education, systemic animosity is virtually unrestrained.

When the statues of Robert E. Lee started coming down in the South, most knew it was only the beginning. But even now, few realize how far wokeness will go if it is not turned back.

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