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Mar 02 2024

The Cubist Supremacy

No countermoonbat wants to open a novel and step in a pile of wokeness. Readers won’t have that problem with The Cubist Supremacy by Gary Wolf.

Modern art and racial grievance ideology are rackets. Protagonist Carleton Peabody gets rich scamming the scammers with a scheme that involves framing avant-garde paintings as cultural appropriation. But when he uses his newfound wealth and prestige to defend real art, he discovers that postmodern garbage is more malign than a mere swindle. It is imposed by social engineers with an agenda. As one character puts it,

“[T]o these people, beauty is the enemy. They have a vision for a new world, one that is monotonous and repulsive. No one, they believe, should be allowed to create or enjoy real art. They know that individuals who succeed in doing so are enriched, and become impervious to dumbing down. With almost all modern art and architecture, this outcome is forestalled, because everyone is crushed down to the same bestial level. There will be no higher sphere, for anyone.”

Other aspects of the agenda are more sinister still, as Peabody discovers.

Dystopian science fiction like Equality by Daniel Watts extrapolates into the future to warn of where moonbattery is taking us. The Cubist Supremacy does the job in the present day context of woke posturing, Black Lives Matter lawlessness, Covid/Disease X, and nefarious globalist saviors of humanity, providing welcome relief from the moonbat viewpoint.


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