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Nov 20 2023

The Fall of Minneapolis

One of the most successful propaganda operations of all time was the elevation of a lowlife career criminal who died of a fentanyl overdose while resisting arrest into a martyr for the cause of moonbattery. The liberal establishment has proven that a coordinated campaign can dupe/bully the herd into believing any narrative, no matter how depraved, destructive, and preposterous.

At least the truth is on the record. The esteemed countermoonbats at Alpha News have documented what really happened in the film The Fall of Minneapolis:

“The Fall of Minneapolis” reveals a shocking tale of injustice and perfidy, and a ruthless political operation that contained the seeds of the January 6 Capitol riot eight months later and the consequent hyperbolic crackdown on Trump supporters.

The film was produced by Liz Collin, a former anchor at a CBS affiliate in the Twin Cities who was taken off air during the riots and demoted because her husband, Bob Kroll, was the Minneapolis police union chief at the time. …

From false testimony in Chauvin’s trial to police bodycam footage of Floyd’s arrest that was withheld for two months, to the autopsy report that was altered after the FBI got involved, Collin presents a damning forensic record that needs avenging.

Collin draws on new evidence unveiled last month in a sexual harassment lawsuit, filed by former Hennepin County prosecutor Amy Sweasy, against then-County Attorney Mike Freeman.

The Fall of Minneapolis presents a rogue’s gallery of moonbats who have not been held accountable for their crimes against justice, decency, and American civilization:

• [Medaria] Arradondo, the cowardly police chief who immediately branded Floyd’s death “murder.”

• Judge Peter Cahill, who ruled out exculpatory evidence, refused defense requests to move the trial out of Minneapolis, where the baying mob could be heard inside the courtroom, and refused to sequester the jury.

• Jacob Frey, the soy boy surrender mayor who ordered the Third Precinct to sacrifice its police station to the mob.

• Keith Ellison, the Antifa-hugging attorney general who ran roughshod over the rule of law when he railroaded Chauvin and the three other police officers jailed with him, and lied that Trump supporters (whom he branded “white supremacists”) were to blame for the riots.

• Tim Walz, the Biden-loving governor who refused to deploy the National Guard and instead allowed arson, looting and mayhem to engulf Minneapolis for 13 days and spread to the rest of the country.

The country as a whole will follow Minneapolis down the drain if we don’t start pushing back against progressives. As the trailer states, “If we don’t stand for the truth, we’ll fall for the lies.”

The phony George Floyd narrative must be thoroughly debunked if only so that when decent people are returned to power, Derek Chauvin can be let out of jail. Having an innocent police officer famously incarcerated as a political prisoner as a result of his disfavored race must have a devastating effect on morale for police nationwide, in addition to undermining our belief in our country.

Watch the whole thing for free as soon as you get a chance; I certainly will.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.


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