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Apr 20 2021

Chauvin Verdict: Mob Rules

Despite the unlikeliness that Derek Chauvin is criminally responsible beyond a reasonable doubt for George Floyd’s death, which was probably due to fentanyl overdose compounded by a heart condition, the jury has been bullied into finding him guilty on all charges — even the ridiculous third-degree murder charge, which was irrelevant to the case. If Chauvin had been accused of first-degree murder and of violating the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act, no doubt they would have found him guilty of those charges too.

The outcome makes sense in light of the O.J. verdict, in which an obviously guilty black celebrity was set free after murdering two whites. If the case is high-profile, the angry black mob gets what it wants, justice be damned, because so few have the guts to stand up to it.

Civilization requires guts. Without it, we revert to barbarism, as America has been doing at an alarming pace.

Leave aside the conspicuous intimidation by Maxine Waters. The jury was sequestered by then. However, it obviously should have been sequestered from the beginning, since Waters wasn’t the only one making it clear that the jurors would face violence if they did not return the verdict the mob demanded.

Still more obviously, the trial should have been held in a different venue. There was zero chance of Chauvin getting a fair trial in Minneapolis, given the devastating Black Lives Matter violence the city has seen over the past year.

Even the pro-prosecution judge acknowledged grounds for appeal. Chauvin might still get a fair trial. However, in the sort of country this is becoming, it looks doubtful.

Chauvin is not a convict, but a sacrificial victim to the insane and malevolent god worshiped by the woke. His crime was not subduing George Floyd, but being a white guy trying to enforce the law.

He isn’t the only one getting sentenced. America has sentenced itself to a future where a violent mob is empowered, while the police are hamstrung. Future demands by the mob will be ever less reasonable, so long as these demands are met.

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