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Mar 25 2023

The High Price of Low Bond for Lowlifes

The legal profession is among the many institutions that have been subverted by leftism. The result is a system of justice that produces horrors like this:

Jonathan Welch, the Detroit man who was released on a low bond after being charged with several felonies including torture, has now been charged with a fourth murder that happened prior to his original arrest in June.

This victim was 24-year-old Natayla Morse, whose head Welch allegedly bashed in before stealing her car and setting it on fire. The June arrest was for torturing his ex-girlfriend for 4 hours straight in the presence of their child.

Prosecutors then say 36th District Court Magistrate Dawn White set Welch’s bond at $100,000 / 10 percent cash surety. After posting the $10,000 bond, Welch walked out of jail and a few days later, his ex-girlfriend Zlayiah Frazier was dead.

As could have been predicted.

Prosecutors say Welch barricaded himself in his mom’s Harper Woods home and then shot at police before setting the house on fire. He is also accused of killing his step-dad Robert Bray Jr. and his mother, Flossie Nicole Bray.

These stories make no impression on the bleeding hearts of liberal judges. Remember the Texas mother left paralyzed by a “teen” who body slammed her on the sidewalk? Her attacker’s bond has been cut in half:

Joseph Harrell, 17, was ordered held last week on $200,000 bond following the harrowing, caught-on-camera Feb. 13 attack that left Nhung Truong unable to walk, Fox News reported.

Prosecutors had asked for the $200,000 bond because he had just been released on a $100 bond on Jan. 26 on an unlawful carrying of a weapon charge.

But his court-appointed attorney argued Wednesday to have his bond reduced to $100,000, saying his family could not afford to spring him.

Doctors give Truong a 50% chance of ever walking again. But even the most vicious criminals stand a strong chance of walking with progressives in charge.

On a tip from Chris Neilson.


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