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Mar 16 2023

Silicon Valley Bank Gave $73,450,000 to Black Lives Matter

When hyperwoke Silicon Valley Bank collapsed, we were left to wonder where the money went. Some has turned up:

According to a new database by the conservative Claremont Institute, the collapsed bank donated or pledged to donate nearly $74 million to groups related to the Black Lives Matter movement. …

Two months after racially charged riots led to the most destructive outbreak of American political upheaval in more than a century, the bank joined the chorus of corporate firms touting their commitment to so-called “diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

Giving money to Black Lives Matter makes clear what the DEI duckspeak actually means. BLM is a terrorist group that caused up to $2 billion in damages to advance an ideology based on black supremacism, Marxism, sexual depravity, and the destruction of the nuclear family. Its immediate objective during the riots that Silicon Valley Bank rewarded with $73,450,000 was to abolish local police.

Despite the money vanishing in a puff of smoke, BLM was successful. Local police were not actually abolished, but defunding, demonization, and demoralization marginalized them via the Ferguson Effect. Combined with liberal control of the “justice” system, the result has been violent crime spiraling out of control. We see ever more stories like this:

That’s what the SVB wokesters bought with their $73,450,000. Oh wait, I forgot the likeminded Biden regime is predictably bailing them out. I should have said, that’s what they bought with our $73,450,000.

SVB isn’t alone. Corporations have poured a staggering $82.9 billion into Black Lives Matter.

Instead of putting its money into investments that generate wealth, the liberal establishment pays rioting scum to burn our country down in the name of radical leftism, secure in the knowledge that the Democratic Party will bail them out at public expense when they fail. No wonder the economic outlook is so bleak.

On tips from Chris Neilson, ABC of the ANC, and Mr. Freemarket.


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