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Oct 24 2021

The Right Hand of Privilege

Every other minority group has declared itself oppressed and has demanded special privileges. It was only a matter of time until left-handers joined the intersectional coalition:

Fox News reports on the lunacy at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill:

[S]tudents said that the presentation was part of a mandatory program conducted by the university’s Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life.

The presentation was given by Christina Parlee, an activist and instructional designer for the company Social Responsibility Speaks, on October 18.

Capitalism can turn a buck on anything — even the most useless moonbattery.

Parle referenced a paper by psychologist Dr. Steven Jones who is the CEO of a consulting firm that focuses on diversity and organizational effectiveness. The paper is titled “The Right Hand of Privilege.”

Is Michael Moore still alive? That would make a great title for his next movie.

“We shake with our right hands. We pledge with our right hand. We salute with our right hand,” the paper states. “We take legal and governmental oaths with our right hand. School desks are set up for right-handed people.”

It isn’t easy to distinguish earnest liberal cries for social justice from parody. However, it is safe to assume that a pansexual transsexual undocumented overweight otherly abled Muslim African American who is left-handed now trumps one that is right-handed in the Affirmative Action Sweepstakes.

Federal mandates that there must be a left-handed version of all relevant products will follow shortly. Equity dictates that they must be made available in equal number to right-handed products.

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