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Dec 20 2021

They Got It

Videos featuring the demented figurehead for the ultraleft hit peek cringe when Creepy Joe joined up with the tyrannical dork Bill Nye to push the blessedly failed Built Back Better looting spree. But a collaboration with the Jonas Brothers apparently intended to promote Covid vaccines was nearly as irritating:

In the video, the brothers mouth the words to the “Joe Byron” viral video from various spots in the White House and at the end they ask President Biden “Did we get it?”

The camera then moves to the president who pretends to be filming the whole thing on his cell phone.

“We got it,” Biden says with a smile.

Thankfully, it’s short:

Annoying as that was, it served to inspire this summary of Biden’s presidency:

Good thing there are no pictures of the fate of Americans Biden left behind in Afghanistan. That would be too gruesome for laughs.

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