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Feb 28 2021

Thought Police Crack Down on Matt Christiansen

At first, they went after fringe characters who are easy to demonize, like Alex Jones. But just as the campaign against Robert E. Lee quickly and predictably led to the cancelation of Abraham Lincoln, the thought police are already targeting even the calmest and most reasonable conservatives, including the esteemed countermoonbat Matt Christiansen.

Christiansen has been canceled by Streamlabs, which produces livestream software, apparently not because he said anything in particular that was “offensive,” but because he makes good arguments against leftism and is therefore regarded as a threat to the liberal establishment. Sarah Corriher, another threat to the liberal establishment who is no doubt in leftists’ crosshairs, explains the situation:

Christiansen was denied a refund for a service that he paid for but was also denied. This is theft, as surely as when Google’s AdSense and Taboola abruptly cut off advertising on without paying what they owed. It’s okay to steal from canceled thought criminals. They are no longer people, once they have been unpersoned.

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