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May 14 2021

Together With Pride: Woke Cereal

If there is one thing moonbats cannot abide, it is the innocence of children. That’s why they come at kids from every direction with relentless indoctrination, corrupting them through the schools, through television, through the degenerate, hyperpoliticized entertainment industry — even through cereal boxes.

Kellogg’s has teamed up with the militant LGBT activist group GLAAD to produce a new cereal:

The new Together with Pride cereal is made of colorful bites that look like Froot Loops, but are shaped like hearts. They’re even dusted with edible “glitter” for a festive touch, per the brand. …

To top it off, you can give back with your purchase, since Kellogg’s is donating $3 to GLAAD’s efforts for the LGBTQ+ community for every box of Together with Pride cereal that’s sold.

To encourage children to reject their own gender in accordance with the LGBT agenda, the cereal box sexually disorients them by asking for their preferred pronouns.

The next step will be including fruit-flavored condoms as prizes. Or maybe they will invite kids to send in box tops to get an all-ages sex toy from the WinkWink Boutique.

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2 Responses to “Together With Pride: Woke Cereal”

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