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Feb 28 2023

Top Ten Debunked Covid Myths

During Covid hysteria, the Experts told us what we were required to believe. Big Tech suppressed conflicting information. But truth will out. It has already.

You may remember these indisputable Covid facts, handed down from on high by infallible authorities like Anthony Fauci:

1. Natural immunity offers little protection compared to vaccinated immunity

2. Masks prevent COVID transmission

3. School closures reduce COVID transmission

4. Myocarditis from the vaccine is less common than from the infection

5. Young people benefit from a vaccine booster

6. Vaccine mandates increased vaccination rates

7. COVID originating from the Wuhan lab is a conspiracy theory

8. It was important to get the second vaccine dose three or four weeks after the first dose

9. Data on the bivalent vaccine is ‘crystal clear’

10. One in five people get long COVID

This misinformation was used to impose Covid tyranny. All of it has been debunked, although many liberals will no doubt go to their graves believing every word of it.

As Mark Dice observes, you can usually tell what is true because that is what Big Media pooh-poohs and Big Tech censors:

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2 Responses to “Top Ten Debunked Covid Myths”

  1. […] As we have seen, other authoritarian measures imposed by the leftist bullies who tend to run governments were useless, including lockdowns, vax mandates, and mask mandates. It is unlikely that killing cats would have been more effective. However, this did not stop the regime that created the virus. […]


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