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Sep 01 2023

Tucker Carlson Book Arrives Defaced From Amazon

Until it has achieved total monopoly, Amazon will still sell books it disapproves of. But don’t be too fussy about the condition they arrive in:

Glenn Dobbs was shocked when he opened an Amazon box containing the new biography “Tucker,” by Chadwick Moore, to find the cover had been defaced with a Hitler-style mustache drawn on Tucker Carlson’s face.

A Hitler mustache is appropriate on Tucker because everyone leftists don’t like is Hitler.

The customer said he immediately wrote a review on Amazon, only to have the company inform him his review would not be published, because it violated company rules.

What do you expect? This is the company that used its dominance in web services to take Parler offline because conservatives were using it to communicate free of liberal establishment censorship.

The box came from the Amazon fulfillment center in Troutdale, Oregon, just outside of Portland.

Again, what do you expect? Portland is a hostile foreign country.

If this story sounds familiar,

Coming to depend on Amazon is not going to end well.

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