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Sep 22 2022

Twitter Admits Sex Change Surgery Is Mutilation

Present a picture of a child murdered in a late term abortion to moonbats and they will go off like dynamite, transferring the guilt for the horror to you for showing it to them. The same holds for the grotesque wickedness of sex change operations, which Democrats advocate for children, force taxpayers to subsidize, and compel doctors to perform despite their conscientious objection. Photographic representation of “gender-affirming healthcare” got Mark Ousley suspended by our Big Tech overlords — who made a revealing admission:

We live in a bizarre world where we are told by the medical community that body-disfiguring surgeries like vaginoplasty and phalloplasty are “gender-affirming healthcare,” but when Mark Ousley of the Unwokeable Podcast tried to show photos of what these surgeries actually do on Twitter, the social media company suspended his account, calling the photos “dismembered or mutilated humans” and “gratuitous gore.”

“In the reason Twitter gave for my suspension, they admitted that phalloplasty is the mutilation of humans and Oklahoma Children’s Hospital is collaborating with schools to facilitate this procedure for little girls under the age of 16,” wrote Ousley after being reinstated on Twitter after deleting the offending tweet. The photos show the end result of harvesting arm tissue to make a non-working phallus. The result is a hideously disfigured forearm that will not only always look like a horror movie prop but will be weaker and at risk of infection and chronic pain. …

“Big Tech doesn’t want anyone to expose the ritual mutilation involved in this procedure because they know that if people see the truth of what doctors are doing, not just to adults but to kids in the name of ‘affirmation’ and ‘inclusion,’ the average person will not stand for it,” Ousley told PJ Media.

So the average person has to be kept in the dark. That’s what the information gatekeepers are for.

Evidence accrues that moonbats realize their agenda is evil, yet push it anyway.

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