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Dec 06 2022

Tyrannical New York Hate Speech Law Now in Effect

If you object to New York paying out a massive “reparations” jackpot, maybe you had better keep your views to yourself. The state has officially banned online speech that liberals don’t like:

A new law went into effect in New York State on Saturday and it has free speech advocates up in arms for good reason. The law seeks to squelch any vaguely-defined instances of “hate speech” online. But this one goes much further than previous proposals to silence people on the major social media platforms. It applies to blogs and any other websites that allow readers to leave comments… such as the one you are reading right now. The law requires the operators of such sites to post a content moderation policy, and remove comments that may offend or “incite violence against” a list of favored demographic groups.

Moderators are obligated to solicit and directly respond to complaints of offensiveness. Liberals have already weaponized such complaints, which they use for example to get sites like this one blacklisted by online advertisers.

The apparent intent of the law is to put an end to comments sections altogether, lest someone leave a comment that contradicts the Democrat platform.

As we all know by now, “hate speech” simply means any speech leftists want silenced:

[U]nder the modern Left’s new definitions, anything that someone in a protected group doesn’t want to hear is being redefined as “violence.” If you complain about the genital mutilation of children, you’re posing a “threat” to transgender people. If you point out that BLM turned out to be a massive cash-grabbing scheme, you’re a racist who is “endangering” Black people. The list goes on. (Of course, you can say anything you want about straight, white, Christian males and they’re never in any danger at all.)

New York imitates California by attempting to impose its own authoritarian moonbattery on the rest of the country. Given the political leverage, there is no doubt that Democrats would directly inflict this level of tyranny from Washington.

Eugene Volokh and the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression are suing New York for this glaringly obvious violation of the First Amendment.

Yet again we see that the Constitution is the only thing that stands between us and absolute tyranny. A sufficient number of Democrat-appointed judges will render the Constitution effectively null and void.

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