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Dec 06 2022

New York Democrats Push for Reparations

An idea this awful could not be expected to stay in California. It has spread to New York.

Just days ago, we read that Gavin Newsom et al. want to exacerbate inflation and racial tensions by paying blacks $223,200 apiece for being “oppressed” — i.e., for being privileged to enjoy the favor of the cultural Marxist ruling class. Now we read this:

New York lawmakers are renewing the push for a state law that would lay the groundwork to pay reparations to black residents whose ancestors were enslaved.

It won’t be as bad as California. It will be worse:

[Assemblywoman Taylor] Darling [D-Nassau] also scoffed that the $223,000 figure that California’s task force recommended for each black descendant there was too low.

Democrat rule is a looting spree.

A previous reparations bill passed overwhelming in the assembly (104–45) but couldn’t make it through New York’s senate. Democrats try and try again until the timing is right for their radical agenda items to pass. Then the ratchet takes another hard turn to the left.

In addition to direct cash payments, reparations may also include property confiscation on blacks’ behalf, “mental health rehabilitation,” reforming laws to further entrench systemic racism in their favor, and a government apology denouncing America for slavery, despite the many hundreds of thousands of American lives that were sacrificed to end it and despite New York being the first state to pass a law total abolishing slavery.

Racial relations have taken a turn for the worse since a race-baiting community organizer named Barack Obama became president. The reparations movement would create true animosity. This is probably not a bug but a feature for Democrats. The reason for all the hate hoaxes is that their ideology is based on opposition to racism that does not exist — yet.

The effect on already stratospheric inflation of wasteful spending on this scale should be obvious even to Taylor Darling. Only slightly less obvious are the deleterious societal effects of giving out large amounts of free money, which would encourage irresponsible behavior, the primary cause of poverty.

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