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Jan 07 2024

Tyrant Desecrates Valley Forge

Dark Brandon is back, as ominous as when he posed in front of Marines under blood-red lighting to theatrically otherize his opposition. Watch as he defiles Valley Forge by boasting about the tyranny his regime has inflicted:

Brandon refers to the violence that allegedly occurred on the most sacred date of the progressive calendar, January 6, when a protest against election fraud got out of hand in a way that Democrats were able to exploit. One person was killed: an unarmed 5’2″ protester named Ashli Babbitt, who was shot in cold blood by Capitol Hill police officer Michael Byrd. Byrd received no punishment and has been coddled by the establishment media.

By choosing Valley Forge to crow about political prisoners, Biden’s handlers are deliberately poking American patriots in the eye.

This goes beyond irony to the vicious gloating of bullies who think they can’t be stopped:

Biden on Friday said “Democracy is on the ballot,” after Democrats tried to remove his political opponent, former President Donald Trump, from several state ballots.

For the first time in memory, Biden read the truth off his teleprompter:

“America, as we begin this election year, we must be clear: democracy is on the ballot,” Biden said at Valley Forge. “Your freedom is on the ballot.”

He gave the finger in the eye an extra twist:

Biden turned to the crowd and said, grinning, “I understand power.”

If Biden understands anything, that’s it. But he and his handlers may be too arrogant to understand how to hold onto it.

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