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Jun 01 2022

UK Schools to Feed Kids Bugs

Through government schools, they control children. Through children, they aspire to control their parents. As part of a “research program,” kids in UK schools will be made to eat bugs so as to prevent the climate from fluctuating the way it always has, in accordance with moonbat ideology.

Via Breitbart:

Children at four Welsh primary schools — roughly equivalent to American elementary schools — will participate in a study aimed at making youngsters “think about alternative proteins as real things for now, rather than just as foods for the future,” according to Christopher Bear, a Cardiff University academic helping to organise the study.

Fellow study organizer Verity Jones of the University of the West of England confirms that the “study” is intended not only to brainwash kids but to target their parents:

“Many children have the power of pester, so in some cases can be great agents of dietary change within the family,” she suggested, adding that children’s reluctance to consume insects could be overcome in part by drilling it into their heads that minuscule amounts of bug matter make their way into regular foodstuffs naturally anyway.

By the same token, if trace amounts of fecal matter make their way into food, we should be willing to swallow the moonbattery fed to us by our leftist ruling class.

Roch Community Primary School headmaster Carl Evans, who leads one of the schools participating in the bug-eating scheme, opined that “[t]here is an important connection between our local community, food production and wider global issues surrounding sustainable development.”

We can achieve utopia, but first you little people have to give up food and eat bugs instead.

He claimed that “[t]hese issues are important to children” — although evidence that primary school aged children, who can be as young as four, genuinely spend their time thinking about “food production and wider global issues surrounding sustainable development” [without] significant adult coaching appears to be thin on the ground.

No doubt rug rats give as much unprompted thought to this as they do to deviant sexual proclivities. That was the point of taking control of education: to install opinions before people can form their own.

Looks like they didn’t reach Paul Joseph Watson in time to get him to eat bugs:

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