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Jan 26 2023

UK Wind Farms Paid Not to Produce Electricity

There is great news in the historic transition to green energy. British authorities have found a way to make wind farms profitable. Owners of the monstrosities will be paid to do what they do best: not produce electricity.

Via Scotland Against Spin:

Between 4.30pm and 6pm on Tuesday, wind farms were paid about £65,000 to stop producing enough electricity to power 50,000 homes for a day, according to data from the UK Wind Curtailment Monitor.

At the same time, households were being asked to switch off their devices to help save electricity, amid concerns from National Grid ESO, the legally separate part of the National Grid which balances supply and demand, that it would not have sufficient energy supply.

The idea is to prevent the total blackouts that will characterize Europe’s alternative energy future.

This isn’t the first time British subjects have paid the wind farms to do nothing. Whereas usually wind turbines don’t produce enough energy, sometimes they produce too much. From last summer:

[T]he UK was forced to pay £78million to wind farms in the last year alone to cover the costs of switching off wind turbines when it is too windy.

Meanwhile, replacement generators received £429million bringing the total cost up to around £500million.

Due to inadequate storage infrastructure like batteries in place, wind turbines have to be turned off in order to prevent the national Grid from being overloaded.

As has been obvious for some time now, wind is not a viable alternative to fossil fuels and nuclear energy.

A handful of scoundrels with political connections are getting rich off green energy. The rest of us are getting screwed. What we tolerate, we will get more of.

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