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Jan 20 2023

Toxic Ideology Made Al Gore Extremely Rich

Watching Al Gore get carried away performing his act before fellow liberal elitists in Davos made some wonder what kind of drugs he has been taking (or failing to take):

At one point Prince Albert bellowed that the oceans are boiling. Where are the men in white coats with the butterfly nets or better still syringes dripping with powerful antipsychotics?

Actually, Gore is crazy like a fox:

• Al Gore has made hundreds of millions through his climate awareness

• The former VP is at the forefront of green technology investment

• Gore’s company Generation Investment Management pays him $2m per month

• The company has billions in investments worldwide

• Gore’s wealth of around $300m is supplemented with speaking fees, shares and real estate

Unlike the robber barons of the 19th century, whom the liberal establishment demonizes for building the country, Gore’s investments exploit lavish government subsidies and provide no benefit to society. He is a grifter who has gotten rich selling snake oil.

His snake oil causes major damage when imbibed. Global warming hogwash drives up all prices by driving up the cost of energy, thereby reducing our standard of living. It prevents developing nations from climbing out of poverty. A whole generation is growing up neurotic, convinced that the human race is bad for the planet and that there is no future. It may even be utilized by the Bond villains gathered in Davos to snuff out liberty at a global level.

Climate change ideology is not harmless kookiness. It is poisonous. But at least it made Al Gore rich.

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2 Responses to “Toxic Ideology Made Al Gore Extremely Rich”

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