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Aug 18 2023

Ukraine Strategically Appoints Transgender Spokesperson

Got to hand it to those Ukrainians. They play our moonbat rulers like a Stradivarius.

Biden recently called for another $25 billion+ of our money to be flushed down the Ukrainian corruptocracy, on top of the $113 billion already spent. He may double the demand in light of Ukraine pandering to his party’s ideology with this appointment:

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have named a transgender soldier from the U.S. as one of its English-speaking spokespeople.

The guy calls himself Sarah Ashton-Cirillo.

“Sara [sic] informs the English-speaking audience — she [sic] objectively covers the events of the Russian-Ukrainian war, debunks Russian fakes and propaganda,” said [Deputy Defense Minister Hanna] Malyar, according to the Kyiv Post.

A guy pretending to be a girl will expose “Russian fakes.” That ought to foil Putin.

Speaking of propaganda, Ashton-Cirillo proclaims:

“What [my appointment] means is that in today’s Ukraine being a part of the LGBTQ community is neither a benefit nor hindrance, but simply an accepted part of whom [sic] a person is.”

Russian propaganda is more believable than the suggestion that he was not given the position because he is transsexual.

Background on Ashton-Cirillo:

A self-described “recovering political operative” from Las Vegas, Nevada, [he] was active in Nevada politics from 2020 to 2021, including an abortive run for Las Vegas City Council. …

Ashton-Cirillo drew national media attention in 2021 when [he] released records of conversations from [his] time working with Republican candidates, documenting efforts to recruit members of the Proud Boys, a far-right group, for a planned “Brooks Brothers Riot” (alluding to the 2000 demonstration) as part of efforts to overturn the outcome of the 2020 United States presidential election.

Sounds like the Proud Boys were set up. Democrats’ favorite date 1/6/21 comes to mind.

In 2022, [Ashton-Cirillo] leaked a text exchange with the Republican nominee for Nevada Attorney General, which became a key controversy in that election. …

Ashton-Cirillo described [himself] as a progressive activist and leftist libertarian when [he] was active in Nevada politics…

Taking on a hard-right, Trumpist persona, Ashton-Cirillo developed ties with Nevada Republicans by attending and hosting rallies organized by prominent party figures. [He] commented to the Post that [his] record as a liberal activist was available on the internet, and told the Beast that “these guys were too stupid to look into my progressive politics, because they were so eager to tokenize me”.

Letting yourself be infiltrated so as to prove to liberals how inclusive you are is stupid, to be sure.

Then Ashton-Cirillo went to work for LGBTQ Nation.

Definitely a guy the Ukrainians knew Democrats would like. This should help to keep the money spigot open. Work harder; you’re expected to pay for it.

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