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Aug 21 2023

Western Support Comes at a Price for Ukraine

Russians aren’t the only foreign force Ukraine needs to fend off. It seems to have adopted a strategy of obtaining massive funding by currying favor with the leftists running Western countries like the USA. So far this has been good for $113 billion from Democrats, and Biden has been croaking for $25+ billion more. But free money from our government comes at a price: your soul.

Ukrainian pandering goes beyond appointing a transgender leftist political operative as a spokeskook. RT is Russian, but it makes a fair point:

Ukraine’s former deputy culture minister has proposed legalizing same-sex civil partnerships, arguing it would both reward the service of LGBTQ soldiers and please Kiev’s foreign backers.

It is doubtful that “LGBTQ soldiers” make a significant contribution to the war effort. But foreign backers (i.e., American taxpayers) sure do.

Same-sex “marriage” is wisely banned by the Ukrainian constitution. Expect this to change if the money flow slows, despite the overwhelmingly negative attitude of Ukrainians toward homosexuality.

Fending off aggression from the East could mean succumbing to cultural imperialists from the West:

Taiwanese-American influencer Fan-Pei Koung traveled from her native Houston to the front lines of the Ukraine conflict to offer her services as an “emotional support stripper,” she told the Daily Beast…

The beauty pageant contestant turned self-described “globe-trotting girlfriend” offers racy photos of herself in skimpy variations of military gear posing with armaments on the erotic pay-per-view platform OnlyFans, though she says the content is free to Ukrainians, soldiers, and volunteers.

That’s not the only thing that’s free, according to her profile on the DIY porn site, which lists “free emotional breastfeeding to soldiers and volunteers” as one of her specialties.

Miss Koung will be happy to hear about this development:

Lawmakers in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine announced on Friday that they have collected enough signatures for a bill that would decriminalize the production of pornography. Lead sponsor of the proposal, Yaroslav Zheleznyak, has argued that the current laws encourage corruption and that legalizing porn could help raise funds for the military.

Finally a solution to the corruption that characterizes Ukraine: legalizing the production of pornography.

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