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Mar 10 2021

Unilever Abolishes the Word “Normal”

The objective of leftist social engineers is to marginalize normality itself. If you doubt it, consider that the word “normal” has now been struck from the Newspeak Dictionary by the repressively woke mega-corporation Unilever.

From the BBC:

Unilever will drop the word “normal” from its beauty products and ban excessive editing of models’ photos in a push for inclusivity.

Inclusivity is exclusive of people who identify as normal.

Dove’s owner said the editing ban would apply to “body shape, size, proportion and skin colour” and “normal” would be removed from 200 products.

Want shampoo for normal as opposed to dry hair? Tough. You ought to go without shampoo, for being an oppressive normal person. Want face cream for normal as opposed to oily skin? They don’t cater to your kind at Unilever.

The ban on editing will include photos taken of models as well as social media influencers.

Because attractive models oppress ugly people, according to woke ideology.

More wokeness:

Unilever said on Tuesday it would also take a number of other steps in an attempt to promote “a new era of beauty that’s inclusive, equitable and sustainable”.

It committed to increase the number of adverts portraying people from under-represented groups and use more natural and biodegradable ingredients across its range of products.

There is to be no escape from moonbattery, in any area. Every product for sale at the drug store must be loaded with wokeness.

In January, Unilever said it would launch the Crown Fund UK, an initiative aimed at stopping discrimination around black hairstyles, while ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s has voiced support for the Black Lives Matter protests.

Those who rely on the liberal establishment media for information may need to be reminded that “protests” in the Black Lives Matter context often mean riots, including looting, vandalism, assault, arson, et cetera.

Unilever is not content to virtue signal about its leftist ideology. It used its massive clout to silence dissent when it compelled Facebook to crack down more repressively on conservative viewpoints by threatening to pull advertising.


Having been blamed for massive deforestation in Indonesia via its purchase of palm oil, a 2016 Amnesty report found that Unilever’s palm oil supplier Wilmar International had profited from child labor and forced labor.

In 2019, Unilever was also named as one of the world’s top 10 plastic polluters by BreakFreeFromPlastic.

This followed a 2016 out of court settlement where Unilever was forced to pay compensation to hundreds of workers at a mercury thermometer factory operated by the Indian subsidiary of Unilever which was caught dumping toxic mercury wastes in a densely populated part of town.

However, woke posturing sweeps all that under the rug.

Evil corporations used to be a liberal cliché. Now, they are a liberal power base.


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