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Jul 06 2022

Urgency Denounced as White Supremacy Value

Like most bureaucracies and corporations, the Oregon Health Authority has an office of equity and inclusion, tasked with imposing the establishment ideology. This now includes suppressing urgency, which has been revealed as a “white supremacy value”:

Regional Health Equity Coalition Program Manager Danielle Droppers informed the community that a scheduled conversation between OHA officials and relevant members of the public would not take place as planned.

“Thank you for your interest in attending the community conversation between Regional Health Equity Coalitions (RHECs) and Community Advisory Councils (CACs) to discuss the Community Investment Collaboratives (CICs),” wrote Droppers. “We recognize that urgency is a white supremacy value that can get in the way of more intentional and thoughtful work, and we want to attend to this dynamic. Therefore, we will reach out at a later date to reschedule.”

Only white people get stuff done right away, while everyone else lays around in the sun being oppressed. Or at least, that is the correct opinion to hold according to the condescending Experts on antiracism. Other traits they regard as white supremacist include perfectionism.

Droppers could more accurately have said that urgency is a nonbureaucratic value. The sluggish laziness that characterizes overpaid bureauweenies may be their only redeeming value, as it limits how much damage they inflict.

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