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Jan 21 2022

US Military to Embrace Nonbinary Troops

The USA still has a much larger economy than China, generating far more wealth per capita. We still have the best equipped and most powerful military in the world. How long our advantage will last is an open question, given the ravages inflicted by moonbattery.

While China develops hypersonic missiles, US armed forces under Democrat rule focus on officially recognizing troops “whose gender identity is nonbinary.” approvingly reports:

The Pentagon has asked the Institute for Defense Analyses, or IDA, which operates federally funded research centers, to study the issue…

SPARTA President Bree Fram, an Air Force lieutenant colonel, likened the effort to the study the Pentagon asked Rand Corp. to conduct in 2015 before lifting the ban on transgender people serving in the military.

SPARTA is “an advocacy group for transgender troops.”

China’s People’s Liberation Army is unlikely to find itself tangled up in the demands of bizarre advocacy groups. It won’t be getting distracted by depraved foolishness like preferred pronouns.

The situation will get worse before it gets better, to judge by our respective systems of education:

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