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Jun 22 2022

Vegan Sandwiches Cost Too Much

One reason liberal elite types are the only ones who find trendy solutions to nonexistent climate problems appealing is that they are the only ones who would. Another is that they are the only ones who can afford them. Electric cars are one example. Vegan sandwiches are another.

From Britain:

Tesco’s vegan sandwich range has shrunk by 28 per cent since 2019, while Morrisons and Asda have entirely removed their plant-based sandwich options.

People won’t buy them, in part because they cost too much. A “sustainable food alliance” called Eating Better confirms that vegan sandwiches are the most expensive kind.

Nonetheless, vegan sandwiches will help save the planet, because if we stop eating food that tastes good, fewer cows and pigs will be raised and their flatulence will not make it be too warm out, according to moonbat doctrine.

Simon Billing, the executive director of Eating Better, said: “Three years on from our last sandwich survey, and with yet more evidence from climate scientists on the need to reduce our meat consumption, it’s deeply disappointing that the sandwich aisle is still too meaty and that plant-based is too pricey.”

Clearly, vegan sandwiches must be mandatory if we expect the climate to stop fluctuating. At the very least, they must be subsidized by taxpayers.

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