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Feb 22 2023

Venice Canals Dry Up as Seas Fail to Rise

Because we have refused to sufficiently forsake our wealth and freedom in the name of leftist climate ideology, the seas are rising to wash us away as foretold by the prophet Al Gore. Oh wait:

Some of Venice’s smaller canals have practically dried up due a prolonged spell of low tides, frustrating boat crews and bewildering tourists.

The lunar cycle combined with high atmospheric pressure has created a problem not only for tourists.

Since the canals essentially serve as streets in car-less Venice, the phenomenon of the last days has added to the challenges of every-day life in the lagoon city. Ambulance boats in some cases have had to tie up farther from their destination, forcing medical crews to sometimes hand carry stretchers over long distances since their vessels can’t progress up canals reduced to a trickle of water and muck.

Maybe Venetians should try eating more meat. According ruling class doctrine, that should melt the icecaps and bring the water levels up.

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