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Mar 14 2023

Wales Plans to Erase Historical Heroes for Being White Men

After Rome fell, its great heritage was not erased. Remnants of the Roman Empire stand to this day. But the British Empire was brought down by a more merciless enemy than barbarian hordes. It was rotted to death from within by leftists, who are incapable of grace or respect. Having vanquished the empire that did more than any other to advance the human race, they will leave no two stones standing one atop another:

Statues of “old white men” such as the Duke of Wellington and Admiral Lord Nelson could be hidden or destroyed to create the “right historical narrative”, according to Welsh government guidance.

Britain is part of Europe, so its heroes have been Europeans. Consequently, they must be erased in accordance with the politically correct historical narrative, according to which white people are evil for their dominant role in pulling the human race up from savagery.

Historical statues that often glorify “powerful, older, able-bodied white men” may be “offensive” to a more diverse modern public, according to guidance which is expected to be finalised this month.

Admiral Nelson lost an arm in combat, but was too great a man to be spared, despite not being entirely able-bodied. He has been denounced as not having a 21st century attitude toward the slave trade.

The government’s “best-practice” advice states that … authorities could “conceal commemorations” and “discretely box monuments or enclose them creatively in new artworks”.

Even if the vermin currently in charge hide the statues or defile them, at least these treasures might survive in case a better generation emerges. Or they might not:

Alternatively, “offensive or unwanted items” could be relocated or destroyed, the advisory documents state…

The planned vandalism is motivated largely by self-directed racial hate. The custodians of British tradition aim to destroy “colonial myths about white superiority,” as they bleat that “relative preponderance of white historians over other identities can skew understanding.”

Nothing is more likely to skew understanding than a preponderance of leftists applying George Orwell’s dictum: “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” The ideologues in charge have decreed that Europe is to have no future.

Leftists utilize the weaponized hurt feelings of supposed victims as a cudgel with which to smash everything precious. According to Welsh bureauweenies,

existing monuments “can be offensive to people today who see them in a different light”, including as “aggressors who conquered peoples to expand the British Empire”.

What could be more offensive than to see progressives erase the British Empire from history? It’s like watching the Mona Lisa get eaten by maggots.

It isn’t just Wales. Inspired by Black Lives Matter bullies, London’s Metropolitian Police compiled a “contentious statues” list that included Winston Churchill himself.

If there had been no Churchill, and Britain had been conquered by the Nazis, the destruction of its heritage would have been less complete.

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