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Mar 18 2023

Wales Demonstrates That Wokeism Is Cultural Genocide

It isn’t enough for woke iconoclasts to tear down the statues of great historical figures explicitly because they were white men, as planned by bureaucrats in Wales. As it is erased, Western heritage must be coercively replaced with pure moonbattery.

Wales is even forcibly conscripting private residential landlords to impose it. Elsewhere, consistent with the postmodern strategy of wielding power through language, social engineers are enacting Orwell’s 1984 by shrinking permissible vocabulary to the point of compulsory aphasia.

Political correctness is not just nauseating and oppressive. It is cultural genocide. The objective is to wipe Europeans and the civilization they created from the face of the earth. To give an inch to leftists on anything is to participate in this.

On a tip from KirklesWorth.


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