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Nov 30 2022

War on Natural Gas Continues

If Democrats’ War on Energy were about the environment as they pretend, they would champion natural gas. Not only is it cheap and abundant, it burns cleanly. However, moonbats oppose it to such an extreme as to forbid the construction of new buildings that are not “all electric.”

The latest locality to attack natural gas is Ann Arbor, Michigan, which like all college towns is rife with moonbattery:

Ann Arbor is considering changes to the city’s development code to prohibit natural gas connections for new buildings starting in 2023.

The proposal recently presented to the city’s Planning Commission is aimed at meeting the city’s climate-action goals to reduce carbon emissions, and it could end the frustration city officials have with developers unwilling to voluntarily comply with the city’s aspirations for all-electric buildings.

As we are likely to see with the Dutch government buying up farmland so as to prevent agriculture, those who do not comply voluntarily will be coerced.

The global climate does not fall under the jurisdiction of Ann Arbor’s City Council. The odds of their petty tyranny affecting it are precisely zero. Nonetheless,

As proposed, the changes would require full electrification of buildings — moving away from gas appliances — and apply to all newly constructed buildings, as well as substantially renovated or expanded buildings, starting in January.

Electricity is largely generated by fuels that pollute more than natural gas, such as coal. No serious person believes that “green energy” can generate more than a small fraction of our needs — not that green energy is all that green anyway, considering the industrial requirements of producing wind turbines and solar panels.

There’s also been discussion of whether the local power grid can handle the shift to all-electric buildings.

The ideologues in charge will worry about that later.

In the meantime, other cities have already banned natural gas equipment in new buildings in moonbattery-addled states like California (e.g., Berkeley, San Francisco, San Jose, Mountain View) and Massachusetts (e.g., Brookline, Cambridge, Newton).

CNN sulks that in some states, Republicans have protected the public from pointless natural gas bans that posturing local moonbats might inflict.

At a national level, Democrats have passed a stealth tax on natural gas. Given enough political leverage, they would ban natural gas altogether, leaving many to freeze. Their sacred climate would never notice.

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