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Sep 24 2020

Watch Seattle Protester Hit Cop in Head With Baseball Bat

When the media and corporate America praise Black Lives Matter, they praise the shooting of two police officers in Louisville yesterday in reaction to authorities’ refusal to immolate three other officers to the BLM cause (the indictment of one officer failed to placate the mob). The media and corporate America praise this:

A shocking video from Wednesday night’s riots in Seattle shows a man dressed in all black violently smash a police officer in the back of the head with a metal baseball bat.

More terrorist violence:

The Seattle Police Department also noted that an individual threw an explosive at law enforcement officers at approximately 10:45 p.m. on Wednesday night. The incendiary device “exploded near waiting bike officers.”

It wasn’t the only explosive thrown at officers last night.

Here’s video of the baseball bat attack:

Hear that crack? If the officer hadn’t been wearing a helmet, that would have been his skull.

Insurrection is not a game. It is past time to employ lethal force against “mostly peaceful protesters” who attack the police. If we wait until the situation gets any further out of hand, the leftist maniacs who rule the streets of Seattle may rule us all from Washington.

The media will screech like a scalded cat if appropriate force is used. That is because the leftists running the media and the brownshirts assaulting police officers are on the same team. Civilization is running out of time to stand up to them.

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