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Dec 08 2023

What Liberals Swear Upon Instead of Bible

For 2,000 years, the Holy Bible was the fundamental text of Western Civilization, providing its moral framework. However, the Bible is undergoing cancelation by progressives, who hate Christianity with the ferocity of Satan himself. Before long it will be made illegal for offending people who embrace sin, or worse yet rewritten to comply with liberal ideology. What then do we swear upon when taking an oath? The leftists running public schools have the answer:

The new president of one of Pennsylvania’s largest school districts was sworn into office with her hand on sexually-explicit LGBT propaganda and “banned” books.

Democrat Karen Smith took up her new position Monday night as the head of the Central Bucks School District and immediately moved to undo Republican-led, pro-parent, and pro-family policies. For the swearing-in ceremony, Smith chose to place her hand not on a Bible but on a stack of frequently banned books, including “Flamer,” “All Boys Aren’t Blue,” “Beyond Magenta,” “Lily and Dunkin,” and “The Bluest Eye.”

The reason these books have been “banned” (i.e., not always made available to children) is they are — to put it mildly — inappropriate for kids.

Both “Flamer” and “All Boys Aren’t Blue” feature explicit depictions of homosexual activity, with the graphic novel “Flamer” including illustrations of nude teenage boys showering and masturbating.

“Beyond Magenta” and “Lily and Dunkin” promote the sick concept of transgender children.

“The Bluest Eye” by Toni Morrison features a passage in which a 9-year-old girl is raped and impregnated by her father…

We have already seen the Bible removed from schools. The filth described above is what educators are replacing it with as they reengineer American society.

Moonbattery is not merely wrong, moronic, destructive, and disgusting; it is unholy.

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