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Jun 05 2023

Bible Removed From Utah Schools

It’s not as if we didn’t see this coming. The tolerant, open-minded liberals who rule over us have managed to ban the Bible in Utah’s second largest school district:

Officials in the Davis district – a 72,000-student district north of Salt Lake City – removed the religious text from elementary and middle schools but will keep it in high schools.

A committee with the district reviewed The Good Book after a complaint by a parent, and district officials say the committee is made up of parents, teachers and administrators.

There was also a complaint to remove the Book of Mormon from younger students’ libraries.

Such complaints come in response to countermoonbat attempts to remove homosexual child pornography from public schools, which liberals have characterized as book banning.

Even if the objective was only to make an idiotic point, denouncing the Bible as vulgar and violent resulted in the book that has provided the moral framework for Western Civilization for the past 2,000 years being removed from schools.

Liberals will shift their emphasis to the many passages in the Bible proscribing homosexuality when they ban the Bible at the federal level on the grounds that it is hate speech. Be sure you have a secure place to hide yours when we get to the point of Cultural Revolution-style house-to-house searches.

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