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Mar 09 2021

What They Will Let Us Eat Instead of Meat

When reading the Wall Street Journal, be careful not to stray too far from the editorial page, or you may find yourself neck deep in moonbattery. Check out this headline:

Real Meat That Vegetarians Can Eat

If it is real meat, why can vegetarians eat it? Because it is not real. The very first word of the headline is a lie. This is a hallmark of liberal journalism.

The WSJ story was written by a guy who decided at age 11 that it is “wrong to kill animals for food.” He extols the delightful taste of synthetic chicken nuggets he ate in Singapore.

So far, supply is limited to a private social club that offers a dish of cultured chicken nuggets for $23 and has served it to around 200 people so far. The chicken is supplied by Eat Just Inc., a San Francisco food-tech company that set up a growing facility here and won regulatory approval.

Why would anyone eat synthetic chicken? Because according to moonbat ideology, meat is morally wrong.

For vegetarians like me, lab-grown meat’s greatest attribute is that it doesn’t require raising animals for slaughter. Peter Singer, a philosophy professor at Princeton whose 1975 book “Animal Liberation” popularized the term speciesism to describe human beings’ disregard for animals, has said that although he’s been a vegetarian for 50 years, he would be open to trying cultured meat when it becomes available.

Peter Singer believes that a human life is worth no more than an animal’s. He advocates aborting children up to 28 days after they have been born. Killing chickens so that people can eat is wrong though. Among liberals, Singer is a moral arbiter.

Once they have the power, progressives will make real meat illegal because it is speciesist. However, even fake meat is ideologically problematic. For one thing, Eat Just pseudo-chicken is fabricated using bovine serum. For another:

Some worry that cultured meat will end up reinforcing the idea that humans need and deserve meat.

Our liberal ruling class believes that we don’t need or deserve anything except political correctness. But absolute political correctness can never quite be achieved. There is always another aspect of existence to condemn, cancel, and ban.

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One Response to “What They Will Let Us Eat Instead of Meat”

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