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Mar 27 2022

What to Expect on Buses When Fare Is Free

There are drawbacks to forcing taxpayers to provide “free” transportation. Consider the experience an elderly veteran had on a bus in Albuquerque Monday.

He needed a woman to move temporarily so he could turn around his wheelchair. She belligerently refused. The driver got involved.

“All you got to do is get up for 30 seconds,” the driver said.

He and the elderly man pleaded with the woman. “Young lady, I’m a combat veteran of three wars. Three wars! I’m going to be 97 next month and you are trying to hinder me,” said the elderly man.

In the end, the driver had to kick her off the bus. She threw punches at another passenger before finally leaving.

It is doubtful that she paid for her bus ride. Albuquerque is piloting a free (i.e., paid for by someone else) fare program. This can be expected to reduce buses to homeless encampments on wheels.

No worries; municipal bureaucrats fixed the problem by issuing a statement calling upon passengers to “be respectful of one another and our drivers.”

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