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Apr 12 2024

What You Pay to Reward on April 15 Under Biden

April 15 is just around the corner, making this an appropriate time to note that Joe Biden has been showering federal money upon Hamas in the aftermath of the October 7 terror atrocities, even announcing that he will build it a port. Raz Cohen is an eyewitness to what we pay to reward when we pay our taxes under Biden:

Cohen had gone to the Nova music festival in the desert of southern Israel to be with his girlfriend of two months, Maya. She tried to flee with another friend and was killed, he said. Cohen saw another young woman shot in the head as he ran to hide in a bush…

From there he witnessed more mayhem.

Cohen said a white van pulled up about 30 meters from his hiding spot and five men in civilian clothes got out.

“They catch a girl and they started to pull her clothes off,” he said. “After they pulled the clothes off, one of them started to rape her. It was something like 40 seconds. After he raped her, he take a knife and kill her, murder her. After he did it, he continued to rape the dead body.”

He reports the fiends laughed as they did this.

“I think it was for fun. They murdered a lot of people for fun.”

Plenty of others saw what happened. For example:

A combat paramedic who did not want his name published also told CNN in November that he saw bodies of two teenage girls in one kibbutz and had no doubt at least one of them was raped.

“Her pants are pulled down toward her knees and there’s a bullet wound on the back side of her neck near her head,” he recounted. “There’s a puddle of blood around her head and there’s remains of semen on the lower part of her back.”

Note that this is from the liberal platform CNN. Democrats can’t pretend they don’t know what they are implicitly supporting.


…the United Nations and human rights organizations were slow to denounce the reports of rape and mutilation against Israelis…

American taxpayers are the primary source of funding for the execrable United Nations.

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