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Oct 21 2023

Biden Denounces Islamophobia, Gives Hamas $100 Million

Joe Biden has responded to the October 7 terror atrocities with the moral equivalence we have come to expect of Democrats:

“We must without equivocation, denounce antisemitism: We must also without equivocation denounce Islamophobia,” he said in his address to the nation…

Considering what happened in Israel 2 weeks ago, this is the equivalent of denouncing both antisemitism and Naziophobia right after the horrors of Auschwitz were uncovered.

Certainly Joe Biden is no Islamophobe. Shane Harris sums up his support for Hamas:

Biden rescinded most of the Trump-era sanctions on Iranian oil, resulting in tens of billions of additional dollars every year for the regime to fund its terrorist proxies. Around the same time, Biden restarted U.S. aid money to the Palestinians, shipping $235 million taxpayer dollars to Hamas-controlled territory despite warnings from his own State Department that this money would be used to fund terror campaigns

Just one month before Hamas began its assault, Biden also released $6 billion in frozen Iranian assets in exchange for five hostages.

Any questions as to why Hamas kidnapped children?

Biden’s State Department was also reportedly infiltrated by Iranian agents who obtained access to highly classified government documents and influenced Biden’s Iran policy.

Iranian agent Ariane Tabatabai will retain her top secret security access following a review by the politicized Pentagon.

Moreover, Jack Lew, Biden’s pick to become the next U.S. Ambassador to Israel, is a staunch proponent of Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal and has a record of actively helping Iran evade the sanctions that did remain in place under Obama, including during the time Lew served as Obama’s chief of staff.

Biden has been making a show of also siding with Israel, for political reasons. Actually, the regime remains firmly behind Hamas. Biden won’t commit to reimposing sanctions on Iran, which has been using Hamas as a cat’s paw — or even stop funding Hamas directly:

Biden has also pledged $100 million in “humanitarian assistance” to Gaza and the West Bank – while offering no assurances that this “aid money” would not be intercepted and used by Hamas just like the other hundreds of millions of dollars Biden sent to the region.

Gaza is Hamas. Every penny given to Gaza is given to Hamas. Even the senile idiot Joe Biden knows this. Barack Obama, who is likely the de facto president, certainly knows it.

Our rulers are rewarding terror atrocities with $100 million of our money, even with the crippling federal deficit already up 23% due to wasteful spending. Democrats must be pried loose from power.


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