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Oct 11 2020

When the Media Covered Biden

When Joe Biden tried running for president in 1988, his campaign collapsed amid gales of laughter. Since then, he has not only succumbed to dementia but has allowed himself to become a vehicle for leftist radicals to such an extent that Bernie Sanders effectively cowrote his platform, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez advises him on envirosocialism, 90-lb tyrant Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke is slated to become his gun confiscation czar, and he will not even disavow altering our form of government by packing the Supreme Court.

Yet this time he is a serious threat to become elected. This is largely because the liberal media establishment is devoted to getting him into power even at the cost of what little remains of its credibility — in contrast to 1988:

“A Joe Biden wind-up doll with somebody else’s words coming out.” Eleanor Clift’s description of him is all the more apt today — and all the more alarming, given whose words those will be.

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