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Jan 21 2023

White Paint Investigated as Racist

If we are to purge the world of whiteness as liberals demand, a good place to start would be Scandinavia, where the landscape is white half the year and in the summer even nights are white. People there are so white that they tend to have blond hair and blue eyes. So let’s turn to the University of Bergen to resolve the issue of whether white paint is racist.

According to summary of a recent study,

“Although Norway is not a conventional colonial power, this project will show how the country has played a globally leading role in establishing white as a superior color.”

Whiteness is not only a threat to sacred BIPOCS, it menaces the planet itself:

The study on whiteness and paint, dubbed NorWhite, observes the Norwegian-developed paint pigment titanium white through “historical, aesthetic, and critical” lenses to determine how the development of the color contributed to “social transformation” as well as how the innovation led to “planetary consequences.”

Taxpayers pay these useless kooks to wallow in psychotic ethnomasochism. The Research Council of Norway provided a $1.2 million grant for the study.

To complete the insanity, companies that produce white paint also chip in to finance the denunciation of white paint as racist for having “made the world whiter”:

The study is also sponsored by two of the major companies that contributed to titanium white paint’s prevalence in the country — Titania A/S, which extracts ore for use in titanium-based products, and Kronos Titan, which produces the titanium dioxide pigment.

The racism doesn’t stop at white buildings:

The study cites that titanium dioxide is a part of everyday life, including in food, paper, tattoos, synthetic textiles, cosmetics and more in addition to altering the country’s architectural aesthetic through a brighter, more opaque color, and research aims to dissect the historical development that “revolutionized the color industry” with an “absolute white” color.

Only when the color white has been abolished can equity be achieved. Good thing all the snow should be melted by now, according to the prognostications of global warming experts.

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