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Sep 20 2021

Why Democrats Suppress Ivermectin and Monoclonals

Many assumed that our rulers opposed hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for Covid despite its widely reported effectiveness because Donald Trump had endorsed it, and a bedrock principle of their childish ideology is that Trump must always be wrong about everything. When they cracked down on inexpensive, off-patent ivermectin, a more alarming motivation came to light.

Daniel Horowitz sounded the alarm last week:

Why in the world would anyone want to ban a medicine that is listed as a WHO essential safe medicine, won the Nobel prize, and has turned around millions of people with COVID from death’s doorstep? … The reason is because it works, and it will eradicate COVID, along with the agenda — from control to vaccination — that they have built upon its existence.

Our rulers need Covid for the same reason Hamas and the Palestinian Authority need endless confrontation with Israel: to keep their subjects under their thumb. That’s why Rolling Stone cashed in the last of its credibility on behalf of the ruling class by running a false story trashing ivermectin.

Authorities argue that ivermectin and other drugs like hydroxychloroquine, budesonide, and fenofibrate must be suppressed because they give people a false sense of security. That is more true of the vaccines they want to impose by force.

Now the government/media is cracking down on monoclonal treatments, and for the same reason. Horowitz reports today:

On Sept. 14, the Biden administration announced that the feds would be cutting the number of monoclonal treatments per week in the southern states and reallocating them as part of a broader plan to start rationing the treatments. … As Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said in a press conference last week, this would effectively reduce Florida’s allocation by 50%. The federal agency did this without any warning or indication that there was a shortage.

The apparent point is to punish Florida for electing DeSantis, who terrifies Democrats. Jen Psaki explained it was for the sake of Democrats’ favorite concept, “equity.”

Texas Montgomery County Judge Mark Keough warned that this is not about a lack of supply. “The manufacturer has confirmed supplies are ample but due to the Defense Production Act, the White House and its agencies are the only entities who can purchase and distribute this treatment,” wrote Keough on Facebook.

Meanwhile, the New York Times, primary mouthpiece for the Democratic Party, denounces monoclonals as a Republican solution, pretending that their use comes at the expense of vaccination — even though most people seeking monoclonal treatment have already been vaccinated.

As Horowitz notes,

There is a simple solution, and that would be mass production of ivermectin and encouraging all physicians to treat everyone early with it and other cheap drugs. But now that the government has essentially banned them, the monoclonals are the only show in town. This is where the Biden administration wants to place Americans they don’t like into a death trap.

Sorry, Floridians. “Americans they don’t like” means you in particular. Maybe you will learn your lesson and next time elect someone like the radical leftist Andrew Gillum, who received >49% of the vote for governor in 2018 and not long afterward was found vomiting and unreachably inebriated in a Miami Beach hotel in the company of a gay prostitute, surrounded by crystal meth. Then Democrats will like you and let you have the medicine you need.

Stalin withheld food to subjugate the population. Covid treatment could serve the same purpose. No wonder Democrats won’t let the pandemic end.

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