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Mar 24 2023

Why Public Schools Must Be Abolished

Teachers unions are a cancer. In Los Angeles, this cancer has reached stage 4:

Local 99, which represents teacher’s aides, food-service workers, and other non-teachers in the Los Angeles Unified School District ecosystem, demanded a 30% across-the-board salary increase plus a $2/hour addition for the lowest-paid worker, reported the Los Angeles Times.

The LAUSD offered a 23% raise, starting with 2% retroactive hike as of the 2020-21 school year and ending with a 5% boost in 2024-25, among other perks. However, Local 99 turned down the offer and determined not to continue negotiations.

Pathological greed inspired the union to go on strike, closing schools throughout the district.

American schools are dismal failures. Accountability is required to make them functional. In addition to raiding the public treasury and driving an ultraleft political agenda, teachers unions prevent accountability.

Like the socialist ideology they espouse, unions work great for the people at the top:

The Daily Mail reported that United Teachers Los Angeles president and BLM member Cecily Myart-Cruz, who represents over 35,000 members in the city, rushed off to attend an NBA game in a box suite after announcing the strike.

Suites run anywhere from $3,765 to over $12,547…

Students were set back when teachers unions, backed by the Biden Regime, exploited Covid as a pretext to avoid work. When asked about the impact keeping schools closed would have on kids,

Myart-Cruz told Los Angeles Magazine in August 2021, “There is no such thing as learning loss.”

True enough — because with moonbats like her in charge, there is no such thing as learning.

Test scores are collapsing. Instead of learning to read and do math, students are indoctrinated with antiwhite race hate and a depraved sexual agenda. The only constructive purpose of public schools at this point is to babysit children so their parents can work. But unions have made teachers too lazy to be relied on for even this minimal service.

Meanwhile, taxpayers are forced to pay over $24,000 per LA Unified School District student.

This isn’t education or even babysitting. It is a looting spree.

Boasts the arrogant union thug Myart-Cruz:

“You can recall the Governor, you can recall the school board. But how are you going to recall me?”

Here’s how. Public schools must be abolished. A voucher system allowing for competition between private schools would guarantee access to education and provide accountability that would radically improve the quality.

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