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Mar 21 2023

Failing New York Schools Lower Proficiency Standards

Allowing education to be subverted by leftists and unions has predictably resulted in collapsing test scores as children stop learning. No worries; the moonbats in charge have a simple fix that helps achieve equity — lower the proficiency standards:

New York will make it easier for students to reach “proficiency” on state math and English language arts tests, calling last year’s lower scores the “new normal.”

A scoring committee that reports to the Board of Regents said Monday that they must take into account the results of last year’s tests for students in grades three through eight. Some schools posted shocking results — in Schenectady, no eighth grader who took the math test scored as proficient.

The objective is not for children to learn, but for them to pass through the system like undigested food.

Schools with poor scores can be labeled as failing and placed in receivership.

That could mean the gravy train reaching the end of the line for incompetent teachers and still more useless educrats forced to seek gainful employment at less generous pay.

Jonathan Turley provides context:

In the meantime, some districts are moving to a four-day work week for teachers to reduce stress.

We previously discussed the elimination of gifted and talented programs to achieve equity by artificially lowering everyone to the same level.

Other schools have eliminated the “F” to guarantee 100 percent passage rates.

Still others have suspended proficiency standards to simply graduate students who cannot reach required levels in writing, math, and English.

There is also a move to end standardized testing.

The schools of Baltimore — where virtually no learning is accomplished — are a template for the future of education.

Not the Bee sees a silver lining:

If the racism, the groomers, and the drag queens haven’t convinced you to get your kids out of the public schools yet, maybe the schools dropping any pretense of educating your children will.

Not having kids in public school unfortunately does not stop the government from forcing you to pay for them. Democrats use public education to extract money from taxpayers and launder it through teachers unions. That is its primary purpose.

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