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Nov 26 2023

Wisconsin Town Disapproves Red and Green Decorations

For now, some liberals are content to subvert Christmas on behalf of their agenda. Target’s Pride Santa, Pride Christmas Nutcracker, and Black Paraplegic Santa ornaments are typical examples. But given that the holiday is based on a faith they hate, anything that reminds them of it will eventually be abolished — even the colors red and green:

Melissa Cantarero Weiss, the deputy city administrator for Wauwatosa, said in an email to city workers that Wauwatosa should have a “welcoming and inclusive environment” during the holiday season, according to the email obtained by Wisconsin Right Now.

When moonbats bark the ominous words “welcoming and inclusive,” they are about to crack down on people they don’t like — namely, normal Americans.

This means no religious decorations and no red or green colors, which are often associated with Christmas, the e-mail outlined.

Christians and everyone else who celebrates Christmas must be excluded because “inclusion.”

“Instead, we encourage you to opt for more neutral and inclusive decorations that celebrate the season without favoring any particular faith belief system,” according to the email.

The only faith system people are allowed to honor is the one known as liberalism/wokeism/political correctness/moonbattery. Islam is an exception, in light September 11 and October 7.

Context matters. Libs don’t mind red if it represents communism. Green is good if it represents environmental radicalism or Islam.

Having pushed the envelope too far too fast, the bureauweenies were compelled by public reaction to walk back their decree — by a couple of millimeters:

City Administrator Jim Archambo said Tuesday the original email was not a policy directive or a requirement to decorate one way or another. Rather, it was an ask for employees to consider all members of Wauwatosa’s community before deciding how to decorate public spaces in city-owned government buildings.

They’re not telling; they’re asking. For now. But if you like your job, shy away from red and green decorations at the office.

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