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Nov 22 2023

Pride Santa and the Pride Christmas Nutcracker

Like every other cherished aspect of our culture, Christmas will be defiled and repurposed before it is erased altogether by the leftist social engineers who control major corporations like Target. If Black Paraplegic Santa doesn’t fill you with the woke answer to Christmas spirit, try Pride Santa and the Pride Christmas Nutcracker:

The Nutcracker figurine is holding a “progress” flag, which merges the LGBTQ+ flag with others representing transgender individuals, and black and brown people, while the “Pride Santa” features St. Nicholas holding the rainbow Pride flag.

It becomes ever more obvious why pride is listed among the Seven Deadly Sins.

Also available for purchase online is a “Love is Love” ornament.

The slogan “Love Is Love” relieves social engineers from having to add ever more letters to the LGBTQIA+++ acronym. It is a specifically sexual restatement of the nihilist motto, “Nothing is true, everything is permitted.” Note that Pride Santa wears it plastered across his chest:

A careful analysis of the word “Christmas” reveals that it originally had something to do with Christianity. Before the book is banned for being homophobic, get hold of a Bible and learn what Christianity has to say about sexual deviancy.

Target lost $10 billion in market valuation in 10 days due to backlash against promoting the LGBTification of children. Those in charge don’t care. Big Business isn’t about profit anymore; it is about the Agenda.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.


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2 Responses to “Pride Santa and the Pride Christmas Nutcracker”

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