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Oct 13 2021

YouTube Temporarily Bans American Principles Project

Now that Google’s YouTube has established that it can ban anything it unilaterally decrees to be Covid “misinformation,” it stands to reason that it can ban anything whatsoever. It banned former top Trump advisor Stephen Bannon’s War Room podcast, because liberals don’t like Bannon. Then it banned the pro-family American Principles Project for uploading three interview clips from War Room that included members of its staff, suppressing its entire archive of videos going back to 2013.

As often happens in a soft tyranny, the censors relented when they got pushback. The American Principles Project page has been restored for now — but with a firm warning that serves the purpose of chilling dissident speech.

There may be other reasons APP got hit with the ban hammer:

The American Principles Project – especially through its Director of Policy Jon Schweppe – has recently waged an overt war with establishment Republican groups who have been taking money from Big Tech and supporting their censorship policies. The story finds its roots in a National Pulse exposé from June 2020, which listed the conservative groups that take money or influence from Big Tech lobbyists.

No one who values the right to speak freely should rely on Google/YouTube or any other corrupt Big Tech behemoth. They stand ready to gag anyone who steps out of line at any moment.

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