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Jun 07 2021

67-Year-Old Woman Beaten for Having White Privilege

Critical race theory is the ideology of the ruling party and of the ruling class in general. Propaganda inspired by it is ubiquitous, so that we see the demonization of whites whichever way we turn. Theory inevitably leads to practice, as in this example from California:

A woman working as an Amazon delivery driver was arrested in Castro Valley after she repeatedly punched a 67-year-old woman wondering where her package was, authorities said.

Alameda County Sheriff’s deputies took Itzel Ramirez, 21, into custody on Thursday.

Ramirez was caught on video tirelessly striking the woman old enough to be her grandmother in the head. This was set off by the woman asking where her package was after being made to wait 15 minutes for it while Ramirez chatted with another delivery person. Ramirez accused her of having “white privilege” prior to launching the assault.

Ramirez was arrested on suspicion of battery causing serious bodily injury and elder abuse, both felonies.

Daniel Greenfield notes that she was not charged with a hate crime. Since race was invoked prior to the attack, she would have been, had the races been reversed. This unequal application of justice is a result of what moonbats might call “systemic racism.”

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