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Apr 07 2020

Saira Rao and Regina Jackson, Professional Bigots

One great thing about America is that whatever people want, you can make money by providing it to them. The liberal ruling class wants to wallow in their grotesquely sanctimonious racial self-hatred like pigs luxuriating in muck. Saira Rao and Regina Jackson step up to cash in:

Saira Rao and Regina Jackson run Race to Dinner, a for-profit organization that charges white women $2,500 per roundtable struggle session to examine their complicity in institutional racism. Penguin Random House, one of the largest publishers in the United States, gave the two women of color a book deal for their forthcoming tome White Women: Everything You Already Know about Your Own Racism and How to Get Better.

Rao and Jackson are literally professional bigots who specialize in hating white women.

Rao, a former congressional candidate and the daughter of two Indian immigrants, called the book a treatise “on all things white women.”

How cruel of her parents to come to America and force her to grow up in a place that according to her is so racist that to deny it is racist is racist.

Imagine two white woman writing a book about how much they hate women who aren’t white. There is zero chance that a major publishing house would touch it. The difference is that, according to liberal ideology, woman of color are oppressed and white women are the oppressors.

Meanwhile, far away in reality,

Indian Americans, such as Saira Rao, are the single highest-earning demographic group in the United States. The median household income of Indian Americans is over $110,000, according to Census data. The median white household makes just over $70,000 a year.

Yet Rao qualifies as oppressed, which gives her a license to vomit bile on Caucasians. Liberal Caucasians pay her to do it.

Moonbattery is a truly morbid form of depravity.

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Mar 14 2020

Kori Ali Muhammad Confirms White Hatred as Motive

You put bad ideas into the heads of bad people and you get bad results. This is what makes liberalism so dangerous. Kori Ali Muhammad is a case in point:

A man accused of killing four people in California told detectives in a recorded interview he was fed up with racism against black people and since he was suspected of killing of one white man he may as well kill more.

Racism against blacks is almost entirely imaginary in this country, whereas the favoritism extended toward blacks is overwhelmingly obvious. But moonbats have a special talent for seeing only what they want to see.

“I didn’t want to do nothing to law enforcement so I just found some white men to kill,” Muhammad said to police.

Muhammad’s defense is that he is crazy, yet he is sane enough to try to convince police that he is friendly toward law enforcement.

Muhammad kicked off his killing spree by shooting motel security guard Carl Williams III from behind for allegedly being disrespectful to him. Anything short of abject obsequiousness is now regarded as disrespectful.

He then decided that since he would be charged with murder anyway, he should “kill as many white men” as possible.

Why would he want to kill white men? Given the propaganda we are all immersed in, why wouldn’t he?

As mentioned when Kori Ali Muhammad first broke into the news,

Liberals sometimes forget that not everyone is bright enough to understand that their ideology is only a pose.

The difference between Muhammad and college professors of the Johnny Williams ilk is that people like Muhammad actually pull the trigger, whereas Williams et al drive the ideology that eventually filters down and inspires them to do it. Of the two, Williams is the greater danger to society at large, being a colonel rather than a corporal in Cultural Marxism’s version of the Red Army.

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Mar 09 2020

Professor Johnny Williams Doubles Down on Antiwhite Racism

College education is more expensive than ever before, forcing students into decades of debt to pay for the modern equivalent of a high school diploma. But at least they are learning things that students never did before. For example, at Trinity College in Hartford Connecticut, sociology professor Johnny Williams teaches that whiteness is “mental and physical terrorism” and that calls for civility only serve to “uphold white supremacist heteropatriarchal capitalist power.”

Pushing the envelope of antiwhite racism even by college standards has gotten the nutty professor in a little trouble — but not much trouble, so he is doubling down:

In an end-of-February op-ed in the Hartford Courant, Williams says white people preside over an “oppressive system,” and when people of color “refuse to abide” by this system, they’re accused of “inciting hatred and violence.”

He is referring to the controversy he created with a piece he wrote in the aftermath of Steve Scalise getting shot by a Bernie Bro; Williams used the hashtag “#LetThemF***ingDie” and denounced Caucasians as “inhuman ***holes.”

Too bad a white professor would never say something that outrageously awful about blacks. It would knock coronavirus out of the news, putting an end to the dangerous panic.

The professor was suspended for his comments, but cleared of wrongdoing shortly thereafter.

If educrats can clear Michael Mann of wrongdoing, they can do it for anyone — anyone on the left, that is.

He’s since gone on to say calls for “civility” merely serve to “uphold white supremacist heteropatriarchal capitalist power” …

Fortunately, we don’t have to pay Trinity’s annual $56,380 undergraduate tuition to become enlightened by Professor Williams’ wisdom. We can just read what he writes in the Hartford Courant:

Whiteness is a shared conglomeration of fabricated meanings and ideas about biologically insignificant human differences. Whiteness only exists in relation or opposition to blackness and other fictitious racial categories created by whiteness adherents for the purpose of cementing a higher status and material advantage over other people that are excluded from being white.

Part of the problem is individualism:

People immersed in individualism claim innocence or refuse to consider how the cultural environment of white supremacy we inhabit shapes our racial identities and world views and further informs how we perceive and interact with others within a hierarchical racial order.

Cultural Marxists are heavily into hierarchical racial orders. Bizarrely, those who don’t share this obsession are denounced as “racists.”

Whiteness by its very definition and operation as a key element of white supremacy kills; it is mental and physical terrorism.

Therefore, it is critical that whiteness be destroyed. That’s why sociology professors get the big bucks, especially when they chair the department like Williams.

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Mar 06 2020

Hate Speech Laws Finally Put to Good Use

Normally, any attempt to use government force to punish people for expressing their opinion is intolerable tyranny. But Students for Western Civilisation make an excellent case for hoisting leftists on their own petard by bringing hate speech charges against the government propaganda platform CBC (Canada’s answer to PBS/NPR):

The very concept of “hate speech” is intended to prevent the core population from defending its interests against identity groups favored by leftists. If these tyrannical laws are going to exist, it is perfect poetic justice to use them against the same Cultural Marxists who imposed them in the first place.

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Feb 26 2020

Applied Liberal Ideology at Portland Bus Stop

Academia endlessly demonizes Caucasians, blaming them for the failures and shortcomings of other groups. This pernicious ideology is exported to the media. From there, it filters down to the streets, resulting in behavior like these antics in Portland:

Nimo Jire Kalinle, 42, had just exited a No. 4 bus at North Fremont Street and Gantenbein Avenue on Jan. 19 when she started slugging Janae Jordan in the face repeatedly, court records allege.

During the attack, Jordan, who was with her husband and child, asked why the woman was targeting her.

“It’s because you’re white and I hate white people,” Kalinle, who is black, told Jordan, a probable cause affidavit alleges.

Tell people to hate and some of them will take you up on it.

Janae Jordan can count her blessings that she didn’t encounter Daniel Tuski Bertrand instead. Portland is apparently not a safe place for women of politically incorrect pigmentation to be out and about.

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Feb 14 2020

Likes Galore for Call to Violence Against Whites

Words have different meanings depending on who uses them. When a left-wing person of politically preferred pigmentation refers to “racists,” this is a racial slur referring to Caucasians. For example, a Twitter user going by @nomjinni posted a video compilation of blacks beating up whites. The caption read:

“a thread of racists getting their ass beat for black history month”

This call to racial violence attracted enough attention that @nomjinni had to lock down the account, so the tweet can no longer be seen. But not before it collected 337,600 likes.

Too bad we can’t watch the video anymore. We could see what liberal establishmentarians like Joe Biden and Anderson Cooper have in mind when they wax enthusiastic about leftist immigration and welfare policies reducing whites to minority status in the USA.

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Feb 11 2020

White Liberals Literally Kiss Boots of Black Supremacists

If ever a situation perfectly encapsulates the mentality of white liberals, this does. Watch in horror as two evidently well-to-do white liberals wallow in moonbattery by publicly kissing the boots of black supremacists:

Self-hatred and self-abasement are at the core of modern liberalism.

The black supremacists getting their boots smooched for the sake of political correctness are out there somewhere past even Black Lives Matter. Via Summit News:

The activist members appear to be from the Black Hebrew Israelites, an organization labeled an extremist hate group by some because of its inherent anti-white and anti-Semitic racism.

Two people who had expressed an affinity with the group were responsible for the December 2019 attack on a JC Kosher Supermarket in Jersey City, New Jersey which left four people dead.

It was Black Hebrew Israelites who racially harassed the Covington Catholic kids, just before Nathan Phillips started pounding a drum in Nick Sandmann’s face, launching the media on a Two Minutes Hate directed at Sandmann.

The more you give in to their demands, the more will be demanded. After the liberals kissed the boots of each of the black supremacists, they were ordered to their knees; they complied with alacrity.

The two weren’t the only ones. Watch in horror as more liberals signal their depraved “virtue” by crawling on the filthy ground and kissing thugs’ boots:

National File has more of the same, and quotes the New York Times:

The Black Hebrew Israelites are known for their inflammatory sidewalk ministers who employ provocation as a form of gospel, preaching a theology that says the chosen ones are black, Native American and Hispanic people.

When they start up the death camps, cattle cars and barbed wire fences won’t be needed. White liberals will come for their Zyklon B of their own accord.

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Feb 09 2020

Students Recite Their Lesson: White Men Are Bad

Considering that conspicuously economically ignorant Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez boasts of having a degree in economics from pricey Boston University (tuition = $54,720), you may wonder what if anything is taught on campus these days. The one lesson that is imparted with high effectiveness is that white men are inherently bad, because it is racist and sexist to be a white man.

See how readily American University students recite the knowledge that has been installed. Here it is put in the context of frivolous entertainment so that students will find it relevant and be engaged:

Talent has nothing to do with it; not being a white male is what matters. Few students fail to give the correct answer.

Imagine this same video, except with the interviewer asking if it is a problem that there are too many blacks in the NBA.

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Feb 06 2020

Media: Iowa Is White and Racist

To be guilty of “racism” is the worst imaginable thought crime from the progressive point of view. What does it mean to be racist? It means to be white. Iowa offers proof, according to MSNBC political analyst Zerlina Maxwell. It is full of white people, and it is racist.

How do we know it is racist? Because it’s full of white people. Also, they didn’t turn out to caucus for any of the lousy Democrat candidates Monday.

Via the Washington Examiner:

“The Iowa caucus is essentially the perfect example of systemic racism,” Maxwell said Monday on MSNBC. “91% of the voters in Iowa are white. The reason why you see a drop in turnout, I’m just speculating here, it could be perhaps that white children are not in the cages.”

According to liberal dogma, Republicans defend the border from foreign invasion by putting children in cages. This is no more phony than the rest of their ideology.

Zerlina is a dope, but not an outlier among liberal propagandists:

The Washington Post recently ran an opinion piece with the headline “Why the Iowa caucuses are even whiter than you think.”

There’s only one way to cure Iowa of racism: replace the white people. Maybe Iowa should follow the example of Vermont, where Xusana Davis was hired by the state explicitly to find a way to reduce the percentage of America’s core population. Iowa could recruit Zerlina for a similar position.

Yet again we see that if you are white, the Democrat Party and its megaphone, the “mainstream” media, hate you. Why any Caucasian would vote Democrat or take the liberal media’s propaganda as anything other than hostile lies is a question for psychopathologists.

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Jan 31 2020

Coronavirus: CNN’s Take

Coronavirus could spiral out of control. Already, as many as 75,000 have been infected in Wuhan. It is officially a global health emergency. The liberal response to the frightening outbreak has been what you would expect — i.e., comparably frightening in its own way. As usual, CNN takes point in the progressive push ever deeper into insanity:

From the linked story:

It’s a statement that’s as predictable as it is infuriating: President Donald Trump’s administration lacks diversity.

On Tuesday, Trump tweeted photos of a briefing he’d received on the new coronavirus spreading out of China.

The photos were infested with white guys, as you can see in the top one above.

Who are these experts? They’re largely the same sorts of white men (and a couple women on the sidelines) who’ve dominated the Trump administration from the very beginning.

From the very beginning, America has been dominated by the white men who created it. Maybe that’s why the anti–white male bigots who run the liberal media hate the country so bitterly.

People are dying in large numbers in China and soon could be here. All CNN cares about is that white men should be forced to stand on the sidelines while tokens chosen on an Affirmative Action basis try to stop it.

Obama had a more politically correct approach, as CNN approvingly reminds us. He chose plenty of non–white males for his team.

He also chose to make it easier for people to enter the country from West Africa, where the epidemic was raging. He bullied states to lift Ebola quarantines. Only through dumb luck did he not get thousands of us killed.

The malevolent cretins at CNN probably see no problem with this, so long as everything is kept self-consciously diverse. At the time, CNN floated the idea that we deserved to die of Ebola from West Africa because slavery.

On tips from Frances J. Hat tips: Def-Con News, NOQ Report, Summit News.

Jan 20 2020

It’s Okay to Be White

MLK Day is an ideal time for a reminder from the Iconoclast that it is okay to be white — even if that statement drives moonbats out of their minds (see here, here, here, and here):

Jan 20 2020

From Content of Character to Antiwhite Hatred

Martin Luther King is best remembered for saying that people should be judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. Yet he is posthumously exploited to represent an ideology that takes a diametrically opposite stance by subjecting whites to unrelenting (self-)hatred.

This noxious ideology has strayed so far from respecting character that we see a presidential candidate of conspicuously low character calling for genocide by displacement. If a Japanese politician declared that Japanese people should be made a minority in Japan, his career would be over. Yet among Democrats, Joe Biden is regarded as a moderate.

Mark Dice demonstrates how pervasive liberal racism is getting:

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Jan 05 2020

Colin Kaepernick on Qassem Soleimani

Here is how Colin Kaepernick, the Face of Nike, characterizes killing Qassem Soleimani, a terrorist with the blood of hundreds of Americans on his hands who was planning to kill more:

Because everything America does is racist, imperialist, and bad — including reacting with something other than cringing passivity to an embassy attack. Terrorists aren’t terrorist; America is terrorist.

As much as Kaepernick hates America, the primary focus of his hatred seems to be white people, no doubt for being “racist.”

It doesn’t matter what a washed-up mediocrity like Kaepernick thinks. What matters is that a corporation as prominent as Nike chooses this cockroach to represent it, even allowing him to dictate what products it will market, not because he had a couple good seasons for the 49ers back in 2012–2013, but precisely because of his vituperative hatred of law enforcement, America, and Caucasians.

When someone as vile as Colin Kaepernick is marketed as a role model, a sickness is festering that will only get worse if it is not addressed.

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Jan 02 2020

Scholarship Nixed for Group That Most Needs It

In Britain today, the demographic most in need of help is white boys from poor families. But helping them is forbidden, because it would be racist:

Two top English private schools have defended their decision not to accept a benefactor’s offer of scholarships for disadvantaged white boys.

Winchester and Dulwich colleges have declined the offer – reported to be worth over £1m – by a former pupil from both, Professor Sir Bryan Thwaites.

The schools don’t like it that the scholarships would go specifically to Caucasians.

Sir Bryan says he wants to help white boys from disadvantaged backgrounds because they perform worse at school than their counterparts from other ethnic groups.

What Sir Bryan doesn’t understand is that these boys deserve squalid lives, because they are privileged.

Swarthy colonists from the Third World and their offspring are another matter:

In August last year, the rapper Stormzy announced he would fund two black British students to go to the University of Cambridge. …

Stormzy addressed some of the negative reaction to his decision to offer the scholarships, rapping that it is not “anti-white, it’s pro-black”.

However, this does not work the other way around, because anything pro-white is racist and bad.

The lack of academic performance by white boys from poor families is probably more a matter of attitude than aptitude. They were born into a world that slams doors in their faces, as Winchester and Dulwich confirm. When people don’t see opportunity, they don’t try.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

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