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Aug 28 2022

A Parasitological Evaluation of Edible Insects

Moonbat social engineers have made it clear that in utopia, we will wash down crickets and larvae with cockroach milk and we will be happy. As with imposing Covid tyranny, this may entail enlisting Big Tech to suppress some science. From an article entitled, “A Parasitological Evaluation of Edible Insects and Their Role in the Transmission of Parasitic Diseases to Humans and Animals”:

The aim of this study was to identify and evaluate the developmental forms of parasites colonizing edible insects in household farms and pet stores in Central Europe and to determine the potential risk of parasitic infections for humans and animals. … Parasites were detected in 244 (81.33%) out of 300 (100%) examined insect farms. […I]n 91 (30.33%) cases, parasites were potentially pathogenic for humans. Edible insects are an underestimated reservoir of human and animal parasites.

For the Davos set, this is not a bug (so to speak) but a feature. The more of us perish of parasites from eating insects, the lower our carbon emissions. It’s not like Klaus Schwab or Bill Gates plans on eating bugs.

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One Response to “A Parasitological Evaluation of Edible Insects”

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