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Aug 29 2022

Let Them Eat Mealworms

Moonbats love diversity. There are lots of things they will allow us to eat, even after they have consolidated power to the point that they can impose utopia in the name of the climate. In addition to cockroach milk, maggot butter, weeds, synthetic pseudofood, plastic trash, lentils, grass, crickets, larvae, and wind turbine blades, we can also eat mealworms:

Researchers In Hee Cho and Hyeyoung Park presented their development of a meaty mealworm flavoring at the American Chemical Society’s fall meeting, according to a news release issued on Wednesday. Their research, they say, is a response to the dietary demands of a growing global population and the looming climate crisis.

CNN and the ruling class it speaks for expect you to believe that the weather is a problem and that you can fix it by eating creepy-crawlies. Their contempt for you is that profound.

Insects are “truly eco-friendly and more efficient in comparison to typical livestock,” Cho said.

Too bad The Experts don’t really care much about efficiency. Then we could stop subsidizing solar and wind energy.

Here’s why anyone would want there to be such a thing as mealworm flavoring:

Cho and Park’s research focused on the flavor possibilities associated with mealworm powder, exploring how different forms of cooking can produce different flavor profiles that might make the insects more enticing to eat.

Say you are attempting to choke down the synthetic beef Bill Gates has decided we should eat. Maybe insect powder will make it seem more like food:

People trying to reduce their meat consumption could use a mealworm additive to fulfill their meaty cravings…

The scientists hope their work will “contribute to the commercial development of meat-like and savory flavorings and seasonings, and will encourage the convenience food industry to include edible insects in their products.”

Incidentally, mealworms are the first bugs listed in a study finding that eating insects can result in parasitical infection.

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