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May 09 2022

ABA Advises Dropping LSAT

According to political correctness, your only relevant qualification is your position on the intersectional identity totem pole. Aptitude is as irrelevant as performance. Consequently, there is no point in law school applicants taking the LSAT:

The American Bar Association favored dropping standardized tests from law school admissions in a newly released memo approved by the organization’s strategic review committee.

The shift in the bar’s position to make standardized admissions tests optional could substantially affect how the Law School Admissions Test, which law school applicants are currently required to complete, is used in law school admissions.

The point is to facilitate discrimination against whites and Asians, in favor of those who may be less qualified but who represent racial groups favored by the liberal ruling class.

Reuters explains why the LSAT has to go:

Studies have shown significant disparity in LSAT scores across racial groups. A 2019 study found the average score for Black LSAT takers was 142, compared to 153 for white and Asian test takers.

Since equity exists only in leftists’ totalitarian fever dreams, there is no valid test on which all groups will perform equally. Ergo, there will be no meaningful tests. Instead, students might write essays about the hurtfulness of their historical marginalization. No extra credit would be given for proper spelling and grammar, because that would be racist.

The ABA’s woke social engineering goes beyond dumping the LSAT. There is also Standard 206:

The ABA’s original proposed revision met with so much pushback that ABA delayed moving forward with it. The recently revised proposal (which likely won’t be adopted before August) aims to increase student admissions and faculty-staff hires of members of groups underrepresented in law compared to the U.S. population overall. Although the ABA Council has denied seeking to impose quotas, its effort to guarantee a proportional share of admissions/hires is likely unlawful.

Who is better suited to break the law than lawyers?

The Supreme Court is expected to hear cases involving racial discrimination in admissions at Harvard and UNC next term. The liberal establishment is abolishing objective standards in advance.

Legal Insurrection notes that the ABA has a near monopoly on accrediting power, and should be stripped of it due to its devotion to Cultural Marxism at the expense of fair admissions.

As our explicit Affirmative Action VP Kamala Harris so often serves to remind us, merit and moonbattery cannot coexist.

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