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Jul 13 2022

Agenda Items for the Globalist Liberal Elite

In case the agenda of the Liberal World Order isn’t clear, the World Economic Forum spells it out with predictions based on wishful thinking:

• You will own nothing and like it.

• America will be cut down to size.

• Meat will be an occasional treat (except for members of the ruling class, as in North Korea).

• Climate change will materialize as an actual problem justifying radical action.

• We will be displaced by “refugees.”

• We will be suppressed by taxes on the harmless CO2 that all human activity produces.

• We will be forbidden to use any fossil fuels, just like Joe Biden promised (after all, cavemen didn’t need cars or electricity).

• The misery social engineers create on earth will be extended into outer space (no doubt powered by wind turbines).

Smug in their bubbles of B.S., the Davos crowd expects people to embrace this bleak, oligarchical collectivist vision of the future:

On a tip from Wiggins.


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One Response to “Agenda Items for the Globalist Liberal Elite”

  1. […] More wisdom has been bestowed upon us by our globalist masters. Now we learn that it would be racist not to give up our freedom and standard of living so that our rulers can control the weather, because global warming is worse for sacred blacks. […]


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